Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire Responds to Gas Leak

At approximately 9:30 this evening, June 13th, 2021 the Calgary Fire Department responded to a 911 call for a natural gas leak at the 10000 block of Southport Road in southwest Calgary. On arrival, crews were met by staff complaining of a smell of gas on multiple floors of the multi-story healthcare facility and office. On investigation, the Calgary Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response team noted trace smells of gas in the structure without being at dangerous levels. Over 100 staff in the building were held in place during the investigation.

With the assistance of ATCO gas, fire crews were able to locate a small leak in a mechanical room. Maintenance workers on scene isolated the leak and are working to repair the problem. One person was transported to hospital by AHS as a precaution. The Calgary Fire Department remains on scene venting any residual gas.

Natural gas has an added odorant to ease in detection, if you feel there is a gas leak in your home or occupancy, leave immediately, and call 911.