Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire Department fights fire at Grant MacEwan School

The Calgary Fire Department responds to a working fire at Grant MacEwan School

Just after 3:00 am this morning, the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) responded to reports of smoke coming from the roof of the school. On arrival crews determined there was smoke coming from the west end of the roof and called a working fire.

Fire crews quickly entered the school and gained access to the roof externally with ground ladders. A primary search of the school was initiated and an exact location of the fire was located. There was a small fire found burning through a doorway on the roof and was extinguished, efforts were started to ventilate the area and ensure there was no extension into the rest of the structure. Crews remain on scene doing salvage and overhaul work to limit further smoke and water damage to the school.

A primary and secondary search of the school confirmed there were no occupants in the school at the time of the fire. The Calgary Fire Department Fire Investigator is currently on scene to determine the cause and origin of the fire.