Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews fight Kincora basement fire

Shortly before noon on Wednesday March 20, a resident living on Kincora Park N.W. smelled something burning and then noticed smoke coming from the basement window of a house across the street. He quickly went to house,  knocking loudly on the door. When nobody answered, he dialed 9-1-1 to report the fire and then went to neighbours on either side to alert them to the growing fire.

When fire crews arrived on scene, heavy smoke was coming from multiple areas of the home. Upon entering the house, they found the basement fully involved with fire. Nobody was found inside of the home and no injuries were reported as a result fo the fire. 

The fire caused significant damage to the basement and burned through the main floor in some areas causing structural damage.  Fire crews then changed tactics and continued to fight the fire from the outside.

The entire house sustained smoke damage and no smoke alarm was found on the second floor. Calgary Fire Department fire investigators are on scene to determine the exact origin and cause of this fire. Anybody who has photos, video or information about this fire, especially prior to CFD arrival on scene, please email

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