Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire responds to roof collapse in the south east

At approximately 4:45 on Tuesday afternoon, Calgary fire crews were called to the 8000 block of Fairmount Drive South East for reports of a possible building collapse. When firefighters arrived, they found that the roof of an arena had collapsed.

Fire crews had responded to the same building the previous day for concerns about the structural integrity of the roof. Fire officers requested Calgary Building Services' Safety Response Unit to attend.  Engineers were brought in to assess the roof and did find concerning structural issues. As a result, the building was evacuated and a cease occupancy order  was issued by the city's safety codes officers in the interest of public safety.

Tuesday afternoon's roof collapse did not result in any injuries as the building was unoccupied. There is substantial damage to the roof with a possibility that some walls may also be at risk of coming down. Firefighters have created a safety perimeter and fencing will be put in place to protect citizens and property from any falling debris. Security will  also be established at the site.

Calgary fire crews have assessed the ammonia located on site. It has been shut off by an approved contractor and is no longer a hazard. Utilities to the building have also been disconnected.

The cause of the collapse in under investigation and the extent of the damage is being assessed. Currently, nobody is allowed to enter the building due to the dangers of further potential collapse. City of Calgary partners continue to work on a plan for safely dealing with this incident.