Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire engine struck at intersection

At approximately 10:15 this morning, a Calgary Fire Department fire engine was struck by another vehicle at the intersection of Country Hills BLVD and 112 Ave. NW. The collision involved three vehicles, a gravel truck, a four door car and the fire engine. Two occupants of the vehicle were temporarily trapped due to being wedged in between both the gravel truck and the fire engine. The CFD vehicle was stopped at a red light at the time of the collision.

“The collision happened at a relatively low speed so I am happy to report that there were no injuries to the two passengers of the car, the driver of the dump truck or any of the four firefighters involved in this incident”, stated Carol Henke, Public Information Officer with the Calgary Fire Department.

Occupants of the car were assessed and released by EMS. Damage to the car is significant however damage to the gravel truck and fire engine is minor. Calgary Police are investigating the cause of the collision.