Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire Department Responds to Chlorine Leak at Sports Center

At approximately 1:05 this morning, the Calgary Fire Department responded to reports of a possible chlorine leak at a sports center in the 2200 block of MacLeod Trail south. Upon arrival fire rescue crews were met by facility staff who indicated an alarm warning in an isolated chlorine room. The facility staff had self-evacuated prior to CFD arrival. Fire crews secured a ‘no entry zone’ to the scene and attached the Hazardous Materials technical team to the incident. Fire Department Hazardous Material Response team members donned encapsulated suits and entered the chlorine room to shut off all chlorine supplies. Chlorine levels had reached 50 parts per million (PPM) in the isolated chlorine room, but levels on all other monitoring devices throughout the facility remained at zero PPM. Readings in the chlorine room were quickly brought to zero after chlorine and supplies were shut down. The initial cause of the leak remains under investigation. The building has been turned back over the facility staff.