Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews quickly control bedroom fire in south east

Just before 9:00 this morning, a resident at the 1200 block of 44 Street S.E. was alerted to a fire in his home by a working smoke alarm. After quickly searching throughout his home, he discovered a fire in one of the bedrooms. He then closed the door to the bedroom, evacuated with his pets and called 911.

On arrival, fire crews found one of the bedrooms on fire. They quickly brought the flames under control and extinguished the fire. The resident's quick thinking decision to close the bedroom door before evacuating was instrumental in containing the fire to that one room and limiting damage to the rest of the residence.

He and his pets made it out of the home without injury. The other five attached residences were evacuated by fire crews as a precaution. Firefighters have assessed the air quality in those unaffected units and have now allowed residents back into their homes.

There is fire damage to the room of origin and smoke damage throughout that unit. A Calgary Fire Department Fire Investigator is on scene to determine the exact origin of the fire.