Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews evacuate south west school due to mysterious symptoms




This morning at approximately 9:25, Calgary fire crews were called to Woodlands school in the south west for reports of a possible carbon monoxide issue. Several students in the music room were experiencing nausea, dizziness and feeling unwell. On arrival, fire crews evacuated the school as a safety precaution and using portable CO monitors, found zero readings of carbon monoxide throughout the school. A CFD hazardous materials team and haz tech officer were also brought to the scene to determine the cause of the symptoms. Using sensitive equipment, areas within the school and especially the music room were investigated. Absolutely no chemicals or gases were found that can account for the symptoms experienced by 15 students. ATCO Gas was also on scene to investigate the presence of carbon monoxide and natural gas. Calgary Transit buses were brought in to shelter the students. AHS was on scene to assess and transport those students with symptoms. After a thorough investigation, Calgary Fire determined the school safe for students and staff to re-enter. Students were allowed back in at approximately 11:30 am. It is still unclear what may have caused the symptoms experienced by over a dozen students.