Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews respond to south west high school fire

Shortly after 10:00 on Tuesday morning, Calgary fire crews responded to a school located at the 5100 block of 21 Street S.W. for reports of a fire.  Due to the information provided by the caller as well as the size of the building, the incident was upgraded to a second alarm for additional resources. A teacher had discovered smoking curtains in the area of the stage and pulled the fire alarm to begin an immediate evacuation of the school.

On arrival, fire crews encountered smoke on both levels of the school. When firefighters entered the theatre area, they found stage drapes that were glowing and creating the smokey conditions. The drapes were quickly removed and brought outside where they were extinguished. 

Students and staff quickly and effectively evacuated the building in response to the fire alarm. No injuries were reported as a result of this fire incident. A fire investigator was called to the scene and found that the heat from a portable light stand placed in close proximity to the curtains was the ignition source. The curtains were compliant with the fire code and thus did not easily combust and spread the fire to other areas of the room.

Firefighters remained on scene until 12:30 to ventilate the building of smoke and ensure the air quality was safe prior to allowing staff and students back inside.

This incident highlights the importance of school fire drills and the cooperation of staff and students during emergencies to ensure everyone's safety.