Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire concludes Seton theatre fire investigation

On the evening of Sunday November 4th, the Calgary Fire Department responded to a building fire at Seton Cr S.E. Responding crews arriving on scene reported smoke coming from a movie theatre that was under construction. A second alarm was immediately struck for more firefighting resources. No injuries were reported as a result of the fire.

The fire caused significant damage to the VIP 1 Auditorium with smoke damage throughout the rest of the building. The fire also caused heat damage to major electrical arteries and rooftop HVAC units above VIP1. Structural damage to the auditorium prevented fire investigators from entering the area for several weeks until the building was stabilized and deemed safe to go in.

After a lengthy and exhaustive investigation, the fire was found to have originated in the second row of the VIP 1 auditorium and the cause has been determined to be an unknown electrical failure or malfunction in row two.

The Calgary Fire Department would like to thank Cineplex and their partners for their cooperation and support during the investigation. Witnesses were also very helpful by providing videos, photos and information regarding the fire.

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