Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire aquatics team rescues three after raft capsizes on the Bow River

Just before 10:30 on the morning of Thursday, June 17, the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) aquatics rescue team was called to a northwest portion of the Bow River for a water rescue. An inflatable raft containing two adults and a child unexpectedly struck a bridge abutment causing the raft to capsize and throwing all three rafters into the water. The river 's current carried them approximately 500 metres downstream to where they were located by firefighters. 

One adult and one child were picked up close to shore by firefighters and safely brought to land. The other adult was able to hang onto a large rock and called 9-1-1 for help from her cell phone. Fire crews quickly found and rescued her, bringing her to shore. All three people were assessed by EMS. No injuries were reported other than being very cold from being in the water for an extended time. All three were wearing lifejackets at the time of the incident.

As always, Calgarians are reminded to use caution and be prepared for anything on the water. All watercraft users must wear lifejackets, ensure they have the required equipment for boating, and must avoid consuming alcohol and other intoxicants on Calgary’s waterways.

The City of Calgary encourages all water users to familiarize themselves with safety practice bylaws and safety alerts on . Learn more about river flow rates – what is normal, and when flooding begins, on The City’s River Flow Rates webpage. Current flow rates can be found at

Please remember, where there is water, there is risk.