Calgary, AB,

A quick knock down saves a two story home in Chaparral





At approximately 10:30 this evening the Calgary Fire Department responded to reports of a house fire in the community of Chaparral. Upon arrival, crews were confronted with a fully involved attached deck with flames rapidly rising towards the attic.  As the crews extended their hose lines, a second alarm was called as a precaution. The deck fire was quickly extinguished, but not before the flames had entered the attic. A second interior attack dealt with the attic fire. Two adults were at home when the fire started, they exited their house and then called 911. Due to the heat generated by the deck fire, some minor damage occurred to the siding on the adjacent homes. There were no injuries and a Fire crew will remain on scene for the remainder of the night checking for hot spots. This is a reminder that if you ever discover a large fire, evacuate the area as quickly as possible and then call 911.