Calgary, AB,

Photo radar locations - October 2014

In response to community needs identified through statistical analysis, collisions, and citizen concerns, mobile photo radar will be set up on Deerfoot Trail, Barlow Trail, Spruce Meadows Trail and Crowchild Trail.

Photo radar will also be set up in the communities Riverbend, East Shepard Industrial, Lake Bonavista, Mission, Manchester, Killarney, Sandstone, Collingwood, Marlborough, Glamorgan, Dalhousie, Bridgeland, Falconridge, and Hillhurst.

Photo radar will continue to be actively deployed in school and playground zones, as well as construction zones throughout the city.

There are 51 Intersection Safety Camera (ISC) locations, with 44 of these capable of photographing vehicles entering the intersections during all phases of the signal. The speed on green initiative captures vehicles that speed through green and yellow lights. Speeding fines reflect how fast you are travelling over the limit. Speeds in excess of 50 km/hr over the speed limit result in an appearance before the judge. These cameras continue to reduce collisions and foster a safer driving environment at our intersections.

These drivers not only put themselves in danger, but they also endanger the lives of others.

For a full list of Intersection Safety Camera locations, please visit