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Calgary Police Commission Citizen Survey Results

Citizens Continue to Perceive Calgary as a Safe City and the Calgary Police Service as Able to Provide Needed Services

Calgary (October 7, 2014) – The recently completed Calgary Police Commission Citizen Survey shows perceptions of safety remain high. Calgarians are confident in the ability of the Calgary Police Service to deliver needed services, though they continue to see increased officers and funding as a top priority.  

During the months of July and August 2014, 1000 Calgarians were surveyed on their views of the Calgary Police Service, crime and safety in Calgary and victimization and reporting. This survey provides an opportunity to measure the thoughts of Calgarians and gives them a chance to voice their opinions on crime and safety issues in our City. The results of the survey are used by the Police Commission and the Police Service in strategic planning and to set priorities for coming years.

Commissioner Steve Edwards said that “We are extremely pleased with the results of our survey. Each year the Calgary Police Service continues to perform well in the eyes of the community. These results set a very high standard, though one in which we are confident our Police Service can continue to maintain.”

“Levels of satisfaction with and confidence in the Calgary Police Service continues to be very high” said Mr. Edwards. “We work hard with our Chief and the entire Police Service to deliver a high level of service for all Calgarians. This hard work, as well as our Chief’s innovative approach, is clearly having a positive impact. We are proud of our Police Service and will continue to strive for excellence in policing in Calgary.”

Key findings of the survey include:

  • 96% of respondents indicate overall satisfaction with the Calgary Police Service
  • 96% of respondents are confident that the Calgary Police Service can deliver the services needed to make sure Calgary is a safe place to live
  • 97% of respondents indicate that Calgary is a safe city in which to live
  • House break and enters are the crime and safety issue of most concern for respondents, with illegal gang activity and assault causing injury as the issues of second most concern
  • 9% of respondents indicate personally being a victim of crime in the 12 months preceding the survey, of those, 71% reported the crime to police

The Calgary Police Commission and the Calgary Police Service do not take the high ratings in the Citizen Survey for granted. We continually and proactively work to maintain high levels of community trust; communicate openly; and invite feedback from Calgarians.

The Calgary Police Commission provides civilian oversight to the Calgary Police Service. Under the Police Act, the Calgary Police Commission establishes policies to provide for efficient and effective policing; in consultation with the Chief of Police, allocates funds provided by City Council; and monitors the complaint process.

As part of its oversight role to provide efficient and effective policing, the Calgary Police Commission took over the Citizen Survey process from the Calgary Police Service in 2008. This enables the Calgary Police Commission to better communicate with residents of Calgary and respond to policing concerns they may have.

The complete 2014 Citizen Survey results can be accessed from the main page of the Calgary Police Commission website at



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