Calgary, AB,

Motor Cycle Fatality Collision

At 17:55hrs on Thursday June 25th 2015, a single motor cycle fatality occurred in Lot A of the Stampede Grounds near #650, 25th Avenue SE, Calgary.

At this time the lone operator a 53 year old male was riding a black 2001 Harley Davidson Classic motorcycle , westbound from the parking lot to the east of the entrance of 25th Avenue to the parking lot on the west side.

The entrance to the parking lot on the west side was controlled by an unmanned pay booth with a security arm. On the entrance side (the right), the arm was in the down position. No arm was fitted to the exit side.

As the rider approached the pay booth, he lost control and laid the motorcycle down onto its right side.

The rider became detached from the motorcycle, and both motorcycle and rider continued westbound along the asphalt surface, leaving the asphalt to the north.

The rider’s motorcycle collided with a concrete barrier moving the barrier 0.75 meters westbound. The motorcycle then slid through the mulched landscaping, where it struck a concrete support to a light pole. The rider struck 4 concrete planters that were placed alongside the asphalt on the mulched landscaped area and came to rest on the mulch.

The rider’s injuries were consistent with no helmet being worn when he became detached from the motorcycle.  Excessive speed is believed to be a factor in the collision.

The Calgary Police Service Traffic Section is currently leading the investigation.