Calgary, AB,

Calgary Police Service first policing agency in Canada to offer unique online Police Information Checks

The Calgary Police Service is encouraging agencies and businesses that require Police Information Checks for employment and volunteer purposes, to register with the new online electronic police information check system, ePIC.

ePIC gives organizations the convenience to create accounts and view all of their applicants’ results online.  The new automated system will also allow agencies and businesses to monitor application processing dates and manage or track shared applicant results.  

“The ePIC system enables applicants to share their results with multiple stakeholders, allowing for less time delays, reduced associated costs and the potential to expedite placement for potential employees, volunteers or students,” said Amanda Welfare, Manager,  CPS Administration Section. “This is the first system in Canada where the entire Police Information Check can be completed online, requiring no visit to a police station.”

So far, 108 agencies have signed up for ePIC, representing the volunteer, business, not-for-profit and educational sectors and the system has been met with positive response.

“Columbia College is looking forward to using an electronic system where we can easily access the results of our student’s Police Information Checks once they share them with us. Setting up our account online was fast and easy. We think that students will feel more in control of their Police Information Checks as they are the key drivers of their online application,” said Caroline Ellis, Assistant Registrar, Columbia College.

Step-by-step instructions on how to register for ePIC are available online at An instructional video is also available online at

Agencies are reminded to register for the ePIC system prior to it being available to the public in January 2015.