Calgary, AB,

Police identify suspicious person in Sundance

The Calgary Police Service has identified the man thought to be following a child in Sundance on Wednesday, and has found that his presence in the area was completely legitimate.

At approximately 8:10 a.m., on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, an elementary school-aged girl was seen walking backwards away from a parked truck while on her way to school. The child told a teacher that the truck had parked at the same time near the intersection of Suncrest Way S.E. and Suncastle Drive S.E. six times in the last two weeks, and that the man inside appeared to be watching her walk to school.

After being contacted by the owner of the truck, police determined that the man also has a school-aged child and is frequently in the area at the same time as the young girl because he is taking his child to school. As a result of the investigation, police have no reason to believe he poses any danger to children.

The Calgary Police Service takes child safety very seriously and would like to thank the public and the individual involved for their help to resolve this case quickly.

Case # 15180865/4562