Calgary, AB,

IOC to visit Calgary and region this week

New IOC approach to engaging Interested Cities begins in Calgary

Members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be in the Calgary area this week to meet with the Calgary Olympic Project Team.

The IOC is taking a new, more sustainable approach to engaging with Interested Cities at this stage of the bid exploration process, and this is the first time the IOC has provided this opportunity to a Winter Games candidate city.

Previously, the IOC would implement a Candidature Committee who would visit bidding cities at the bidding city’s cost to listen, observe and evaluate a bid, but not provide feedback or other support. Now, the IOC will meet Interested Cities at the IOC’s cost in advance of a bid, and will provide resources and support to help cities develop stronger bids. This new approach provides more meaningful support to Interested Cities, and ensures cities spend only what is necessary and instead focus on how the Games would align with City objectives and vision.

The Calgary Team is appreciative of the opportunity for such meaningful engagement with the IOC in advance of Council’s decision to pursue a bid or not.

While they are in town, members of the IOC will tour the region’s legacy winter sport facilities, and will learn about the Calgary Team’s vision for the Games, including facility and venue management, event coordination, transportation and logistics, security, etc.

Participating IOC members are leading experts in elements of the Games, including stakeholder engagement, facility planning, transportation, games operations, etc. The IOC delegates are not spokespeople and will not be available for comment while they are in town.

The Calgary Olympic Project Team will provide an update to Council later this month. The City will hold a media availability after that update.

Learn more about the Dialogue Phase of the bid exploration process and about the IOC’s new approach to engaging Interested Cities or visit for more information.