Calgary, AB,

Be a Snow Angel – Adopt a sidewalk this winter

Calgary, Alberta – Mayor Naheed Nenshi officially kicked off the 10th year of running the Snow Angels campaign. Snow Angels is a City of Calgary program encouraging Calgarians to help their neighbours keep sidewalks clear of ice and snow.


Keeping walks and driveways clear can be very challenging – even dangerous – for older adults and others who have limited mobility. The City encourages those who are able, to adopt a sidewalk this winter for someone in the neighbourhood. And this winter, particularly, The City is asking for Snow Angels to clear the sidewalks of homes that might be empty due to flood damage.


 “Calgary is a place where community members care about each other,” says Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “Helping your neighbour keep their walks clear is not only important so sidewalks are passable, it’s important because it’s part of how we look out for one another.”


For Ray Aldred, having a Snow Angel help him has been wonderful. “When I was younger I used to volunteer to help others clear walks,” Aldred said at the campaign launch held at the Greater Forest Lawn Senior Centre on December 4. “Now, because Snow Angels help me with my walks, it has meant that I’m able to remain independent and living in my own home.”


Since 2004 the campaign has recognized 6403 Snow Angels.


“For such a simple program of neighbours helping neighbours, it’s wonderful to see how it’s grown over the past 10 years,” says Snow Angels program coordinator John Mungham. “When you’re out clearing your walks this winter, spend an extra few minutes and help out someone on your street. It’s not hard, but it does make a real difference.”


The Snow Angels campaign was initiated by The City of Calgary as a way to respond to the growing number of older adults affected by icy sidewalks. The City does not provide Snow Angels – Snow Angels are your neighbours. The Snow Angels campaign encourages residents to lend a helping hand where they can. 


If someone has cleaned your sidewalk, call 3-1-1 to nominate them as a Snow Angel. All nominated Snow Angels are recognized by Mayor Nenshi and entered into a prize draw.


The Streets Bylaw requires sidewalks adjacent to properties to be cleared of snow and ice down to pavement within 24 hours after a snowfall.