Calgary, AB,

PSA: Stay safe this summer around garbage and recycling trucks

School is letting out for the summer and many Calgary families and children are enjoying the age-old tradition of playing outside. The City of Calgary’s garbage and recycling collectors would like parents to encourage safe play and remind their kids to stay safe around collection trucks.

“Collectors are trained to do their jobs safely, and that includes always looking out for anyone who may get too close to their truck. But we do need the public to help and ensure safety in their community as well,” says Jennifer Brown, business strategist with Waste and Recycling Services. “It’s natural for kids to get excited when they spot the garbage or recycling truck coming down their street. With more kids playing outside in the summer, we want families and neighbors to encourage responsible play at all times.”

Here are some important safety tips for you and your kids to remember around collection trucks:

  • Stay clear of the street/sidewalk when the truck is near.
  • Many of our trucks have an automated arm on the side of it to pick up carts – stay at least 10 metres away when the arm is in operation. This is equivalent to the length of two garbage trucks.
  • While it may appear that our trucks are stopped, the arm or other equipment could begin moving at any time.
  • Don’t stand behind the garbage truck or climb on it. The beeping sound you hear means that a truck will be backing up and you need to stay out of the way.
  • Make sure the driver can see you. The trucks are very high which makes it hard for the driver to see you below on the sidewalk. Don’t ride your bicycle or skateboard near the truck and make eye contact with the driver when you are crossing the street.
  • Don’t play in or around carts, community recycling depots and commercial dumpsters. It’s not safe and besides, they’re filled with garbage!

“If we all work together and do our part to be safe, we can prevent any incidents from happening,” says Brown. “Talk to your children today about keeping away from garbage and recycling trucks in your neighbourhood. And that goes for adults too – if you’re out for a jog or bike ride, please stay safe around our trucks – or any other large equipment in your neighbourhood.”

Play safe and have a great summer!

Photos available for download.