Calgary, AB,

Former Auxiliary Cadets join police ranks for first time

Two former members of the Calgary Police Service’s Auxiliary Cadets program will be graduating from police recruit training today, making them the first to transition from the program into policing careers.

It is an important milestone for the Auxiliary Cadet program, which was started two years ago as a way to help young people bridge into a career as a police officer, and to help police better serve the public.

“We are very proud of the Auxiliary Cadet program because we have seen over the last couple years that the program is helping young people develop the skills they need to be leaders in their communities and better citizens all around,” says Superintendent Tammy Pozzobon. “Today we have yet another reason to be proud because the program is meeting its other goal of preparing potential recruits for a successful career in law enforcement.”

Auxiliary Cadets learn the skills and knowledge that are foundational to being a good police officer, including dispute resolution, interpersonal communication, leadership, basics of the legal system and how to maintain physical fitness. Auxiliary Cadets then gain valuable experience by working part-time alongside police officers and civilian staff at the front counters of police district offices.

Soon-to-be Constables Jenna Reid and Julianne Neufeld are just the first of what will hopefully be many people who apply to be police officers after being an Auxiliary Cadet. There are already two more former Auxiliary Cadets training in the next police recruit class and eight more are currently moving through the recruiting process.

“These individuals will be a great asset to the Calgary Police Service and they, along with their entire graduating class, should be very proud of what they have accomplished,” says Pozzobon.

The Calgary Police Service hires Auxiliary Cadets each spring and the program is open to anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent that is interested in a policing career, over the age of 18 and be able to pass an enhanced security check.

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