Calgary, AB,

CPS Launches ReDirect

The Calgary Police Service, in partnership with Public Safety Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and The City of Calgary Community & Neighbourhood Services, is proud today to announce the official launch of ReDirect.

ReDirect is an education, awareness and prevention plan to address radicalization to violence in Calgary youth. It was developed based on best policing practices, extensive research and consultations with enforcement agencies, international experts and community groups.

The strategy has two aims: preventing young adults from turning to extremism, and helping police officers better recognize the signs of radicalization to violence and violent extremism in our city.

ReDirect is an extension of the extensive programming already available through the CPS’s Community & Youth Services Section. It is designed to help identify young people who are vulnerable to radicalization and extremism, and work to change their path before it leads to violence.

Radicalization is a community issue, not just a police issue. Schools, parents, relatives, community leaders, everyone must work together to identify those who are trying to manipulate youth and young adults.

ReDirect focuses on community involvement in identifying these at-risk individuals.

A call or email from people in the community concerned about a friend or family member can be the difference between getting that person back on track and losing them to violence.

The CPS has established a dedicated phone line, email address and referral form for the public to reach out and connect with ReDirect members. The number is 403-428-8200 and the email is Please visit the CPS website at to access the referral form.