Calgary, AB,

Christmas tips for shoppers and retailers

With Christmas approaching and having your gifts ready being everyone’s fear, tis a good time of year to remind shoppers and merchants, naughty thieves may be near.

Little steps that we take and mistakes we may make, can all lead to mishaps, for Pete’s sake.

Remembering to put valuables out of sight and locking up your cars, will have you counting your lucky stars.

Taking the time to check cards, keeping an eye on the tills, will make sure you don’t get stuck with any nasty bills.

With a pinch of foresight and a dash of prevention, follow these tips and Christmas shopping can be done with very little tension.

Tips for shoppers:

-Protect your PIN and look for any suspicious signs of tampering on the debit/credit machine.

-Use a shredder to discard personal documents with your credit card or banking info.

-Keep vehicle doors and windows locked.

-Remove or hide valuable items, including change and garage remotes from vehicles.

-Check your credit report periodically.

Tips for retailers:

-Check sales equipment daily, ensuring nothing has been tampered with.

-Use a secured pin pad for credit and debit machines.

-Do not process manual inputs on credit card machines - always make sure to swipe or insert a chip card.

-Be weary of large quantities of gift cards being purchased by one individual, especially if being asked to manually input the credit card number.

-Keep an eye out for counterfeit U.S. money, with $50 and $100 bills being the favourites.