Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews kept busy as storm rolls through the city

As a severe storm rolled through Calgary on the evening of Friday, July 2, the Calgary Fire Department saw its call volume climb to almost 200 emergency responses between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. At approximately 7:00 p.m., fire crews were busy at over 70 different incidents around the city, all at the same time. This meant almost every single fire truck and crew available, were out on an emergency call. By comparison, the average number of emergency responses during the same time period over the three previous days, was 31. 

Fire crews responded to a wide variety of emergencies which included:

  • Two calls for reports of lightening strikes to houses, one of which resulted in an attic fire
  • A portion of a strip mall in the north east collapsed, damaging a gas line
  • Flooded streets and intersections in low lying areas
  • Motorists stranded in high water with their vehicles
  • Manhole covers blown off 
  • Buildings where the fire alarm had been activated
  • Trees and branches blown down and onto power lines creating electrical hazards

Despite the severity and volume of emergencies, no injuries were reported by fire crews. The Calgary Fire Department thanks citizens for for their prompt and accurate calls to 9-1-1. For information on how to prepare for future severe weather incidents that Calgarians will encounter, please visit