Calgary, AB,

33 People Charged in Prostitution Operation

The Calgary Police Service has charged 33 people in relation to a prostitution investigation.

A four-day operation was conducted between Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015, and Friday, Oct. 16, 2015, by members of District 1 and the Vice Unit to focus on consumers of street sex trafficking. The areas targeted were identified as being problem locations by police and the community.

During the operation, 33 individuals were charged with unlawfully communicating with any person for the purpose of obtaining sexual services. In addition, police provided information to sex trade workers and issued eight summonses for a variety of Traffic Safety Act offences. Two people were arrested on warrants for being a disqualified driver, and subsequently their vehicles were impounded. A third person was arrested on a criminal code warrant.

Prostitution is a complex issue requiring a collaborative approach amongst law enforcement and social service agencies. The Calgary Police Service’s highest priorities are cases involving minors, exploitation and human trafficking. It is commonly recognized that sex trade workers are victimized and exploited and, in many instances, are in the trade due to financial stress, mental health, addiction issues or through coercion. The Service works to connect sex trade workers with programs that may assist them in exiting the trade.

Anyone who is a victim of exploitation or human trafficking is encouraged to contact any one of the following resources:

  • VICE Unit Hotline – 403-428-2356
  • Servants Anonymous – 403-237-8477
  • Shift Calgary – 403-237-8171
  • ACT Alberta – 780-474-1104
  • Crime Stoppers – 1-800-222-8477