Calgary, AB,

The City of Calgary temporarily closes Jack Setter Arena

As a follow-up to the February roof collapse at the Fairview Arena, The City undertook a process to have engineering reports prepared on potential high-risk facilities on City land.

On Friday, The City received the report on the Jack Setter arena, 2020, 69 Ave. S.E., which advised that a large accumulation of snow on arena’s roof could create a hazard for users and guests. Jack Setter was chosen for review based on the risk that this roof truss typology represents.

Following a review of the report and visual inspection, The City Safety Codes Officer issued a “close pending mitigation” notice for the arena.

As a result, in consultation with the building operators – the Millican Ogden Community Association – it has been determined that a temporary closure of the arena will take place beginning Dec. 2, 2018.

“Our primary concern is public safety and with the information gathered we are taking this action in abundance of caution to protect those who work and play here,” said Marco Civitarese, Acting Director of Calgary Building Services.

The community association is advising all facility users of the closure and working with The City to seek alternate facilities for Jack Setter patrons.

The City will work with the Millican Ogden Community Association on a plan to address the structural issues identified by the engineering report and a timeline for the facility to be available for public use.

Jack Setter is a community association-operated building located on City of Calgary land.