Calgary, AB,

City seeks feedback on roadside signs

Over the next two weeks, The City of Calgary will be seeking feedback about the use of temporary signs on public property at the side of roads and boulevards. Temporary signs are often used to advertise community events, school and sport registrations, small businesses, campaigns and public information.

“The results of this survey will assist The City in updating the rules of how signs are managed on public property in Calgary,” says Andrew Bissett, Leader of Strategic Planning at Roads. “Rules include the size of signs, where they’re placed and how they’re used.”

The results of this survey, along with discussions with industry leaders, will help The City update its Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw in the coming months.

The City would like to know how citizens view temporary signs, how these signs influence their actions and how they believe they impact Calgary’s streetscape.

Please visit, to complete the survey, which will be available until October 24, 2016.