Winter Cycling Congress showcases Calgary to the world

The City of Calgary is hosting the seventh annual Winter Cycling Congress to learn and share best practices for how winter cycling contributes to building an accessible, equitable and resilient city. Experts from around the world will be on-hand February 6-8 at the new Central Library to discuss how to support winter policies for transportation, recreation and overall citizen wellbeing in northern cities.

“Northern cities have a lot to learn from one another and we look forward to applying what we learn about winter city planning from colleagues visiting from Sweden, Finland, Russia, the United States and other parts of Canada,” says Katherine Glowacz, Active Transportation Planner with The City of Calgary.

Calgary was chosen by the Winter Cycling Federation to host the congress because of the dedication and commitment in embracing year-round cycling. The cycle track, pathway system and snow clearing are highlighted as noteworthy infrastructure practices that contribute to the Winter Cycling Federation vision; winter cycling is for everyone, where cycling year-round is understood as a normal and practical, where cycling is a safe and viable transportation option for people of all ages and abilities.

“Calgary is a great place to give winter cycling a try. We have many nice days during our winter season and even after snow has fallen, The City clears designated portions of our cycling network,” says Glowacz.

On average, there are three times as many daily winter bicycle trips along the cycle track routes than before the cycle tracks were installed and about 30 per cent of summer cyclists continue to ride through the colder months.

In conjunction with the congress, Calgarians are encouraged to participate in free events that celebrate our city as a winter city. Visit the Winter Cycling Congress online at for more information on the events and Congress.