New 194 Avenue roadway opens in South Calgary

At an event today on the newly constructed bridge over the Priddis Slough wetland, 194 Avenue between Macleod Trail and Sheriff King Street was officially opened.

“Communities to the west of Macleod Trail and 194 Avenue are land-locked from Macleod Trail, separated by the CPR tracks and the Priddis Slough, with primary access only by Sheriff King Street to the north,” said Ward 13 Councillor Diane Colley-Urquhart. “That’s why this connection is so needed. Whether you drive, take transit, cycle or walk, this new road improves how people travel between communities now and into the future.”

Connecting the west leg of 194 Avenue also provides access to Silverado and future growth areas in the West Macleod region. This new east-west connection supports an already effective transportation network and will add thousands of new residents and employment opportunities.

“I am proud of our government’s investment in this project that will provide an important connection for south Calgary and opens up new development opportunities,” said Calgary-Shaw MLA Graham Sucha. “Building strong, sustainable infrastructure like this in Calgary is all part of creating an economy built to last.”

This project is one of 29 major transportation construction projects The City has been working on in 2018 that will have a positive impact to Calgary’s infrastructure network.

The project includes:

  • A four-lane divided roadway with multi-use pathways on both sides between Macleod Trail and Sheriff King Street
  • A bridge structure over the CPR tracks and future LRT tracks
  • A pedestrian underpass for walkers and cyclists
  • Some modifications to the intersections at Macleod Trail and at Sheriff King Street.

Preserving the natural environment was also a key to this project. The City took great strides in sustaining Priddis Slough, a large and bio-diverse wetland, along with consideration of wildlife and wetland habitat in the area. The new bridge structure acts as a wildlife corridor, allowing wildlife to continue their movement through the wetland area.

Final landscaping will take place in the summer of 2019. Budget for this project is $66.7 million.

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