Calgary, AB,

Citizens reminded to check for identification to help prevent door-to-door fraud


The City of Calgary reminds citizens to be cautious when inviting door-to-door salespeople into their homes.

“Citizens who have had dealings with individuals or businesses they are concerned about should contact 311 to ensure the business is properly licenced and has the proper permits to undertake work on their behalf,” says Kent Pallister, chief licence inspector, Animal & Bylaw Services.

Over the past few weeks, The City has received 14 complaints to 311 about sales people from four, door-to-door furnace companies visiting their homes misrepresenting themselves as being affiliated with The City of Calgary. These individuals claim to be directed by The City to check the efficiency of the homeowner’s furnace or to perform some type of inspection service. Once inside, the homeowners are told they need a new furnace and/or their furnace has been flagged as being unacceptable from an energy efficiency perspective due to changes to building code requirements. In some cases the homeowners are also told there is a City-subsidized program to help homeowners get a new furnace.

If someone comes to the door claiming to represent The City, citizens should ask to see City identification before allowing them into the home or prior to agreeing to let them do any work. All City of Calgary staff have City of Calgary photo identification. Independent representatives of businesses going door-to-door are also required to have visual identification to show homeowners. The City discourages citizens from doing business with, or allowing anyone who doesn’t provide this type of identification, into their home, for their own safety.

Visit to learn more about business licensing or to file a complaint around a business licence call 311 or use our 311 mobile app.