Calgary, AB,

The City of Calgary reminds passengers to stay safe this holiday season

With the holidays around the corner, The City of Calgary is spreading awareness of passenger safety with an educational campaign, to ensure Calgarians ‘Don’t Get Taken for a Ride’ this season.

Unpredictable weather and an increase in celebrations means that many Calgarians will be leaving cars at home and seeking safe alternative modes of transport. Taxis, rideshares and limo services are a safe choice for traveling around the city as these services are regulated by The City of Calgary and must meet safety standards before drivers can take passengers.

“The City’s Livery Transport Bylaw holds drivers accountable for the safety of passengers and we strictly enforce this,” says Abdul Rafih, Chief Livery Inspector. “The safety and security of taxi, limousine and rideshare customers is paramount to The City of Calgary. We welcome feedback from citizens on these experiences, as we investigate complaints received through the 311 reporting system and assist other law enforcement agencies with any livery transport related issues or concerns.”

At this time of year, demand for rideshares and taxis is much higher, resulting in a large number of Calgarians accessing these services through apps; many for the first time.

Passengers are reminded of these simple safety steps that they can take before their rideshare journey begins:

  1. Verify the information provided by the app: their license plate, vehicle make and colour.
  2. Confirm your driver’s name before you provide your name. Make sure your driver matches the photo on your Rideshare app.
  3. Check the driver’s rating. Rideshare companies have platforms to rate and check a driver’s rating.
  4. Share your location and destination with someone you trust.
  5. Report any concerns about the driver, vehicle or trip by calling 311 -- or use our 311 mobile app.

“We want everyone to be safe this holiday – whether they are using a rideshare or in a private-for-hire-vehicle such as a taxi or limousine,” says Rafih. “As always, if a person feels they are in immediate danger they should call 9-1-1.”

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