PSA: The City encourages residents to be water-wise and use a rain barrel this spring

Calgary is currently experiencing drought conditions. Together we can make every drop count in our yards by using water wisely. Harnessing rainwater for watering your yard and garden is a simple, yet effective way to reduce your water use by acting as a backup source of water during this drought.

Why a rain barrel?

Water Conservation. Rain barrels help conserve water by capturing rainwater that would otherwise be lost to runoff. By using collected rainwater to water your yard or garden, you're doing your part to help use water wisely, which is especially crucial when we’re experiencing drought conditions. Your plants will also appreciate the soft, warm water.

Stormwater Management. By capturing rainwater before it hits the ground, rain barrels play a vital role in reducing stormwater runoff. This helps prevent soil erosion and keeps pollutants from being washed into our waterways.

Environmental Impact. Using rain barrels reduces the demand on municipal water supplies, lessening the energy required for treatment and transportation.

How can I get a rain barrel?

Rain barrels are available for pre-order through Green Calgary and cost $78+GST. You can also buy them later this spring at the following dates/locations between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. :

  • April 27 – IKEA (8000 11 St. S.E.)
  • May 4 - Dalhousie Co-Op (5505 Shaganappi Tr. N.W.)
  • May 11 – Calgary Horticultural Society (2725 33 Ave. S.W.)
  • May 25 - Deer Valley Co-Op (1221 Canyon Meadows Dr. S.E.)
  • June 1 – The Genesis Centre (7555 Falconridge Blvd N.E.)
  • June 8 - West Springs Co-Op (917 85 St. S.W.)
  • June 15 - Inglewood Community Garden (2297 17 St. S.E.)
  • June 22 - Community Natural Foods Chinook (202 61 Ave. S.W.)

Pre-orders for rain barrels start on April 1 and can be picked up at these locations or can be delivered to you by Green Calgary for a delivery fee. Please note, pre-order sale quantities are limited.

Various types of rain barrels are also available at local hardware stores and garden centres around Calgary.

Remember, every drop counts when it comes to water conservation. By incorporating a rain barrel into your outdoor routine, you're not only benefiting your yard but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable Calgary.

For more information about rain barrels, visit The City’s rain barrel program page.