New sorting facility for City of Calgary recycling program

GFL Environmental Inc. opening new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to provide recycling sorting services to Waste & Recycling Services

CALGARY, AB –GFL Environmental Inc. (GFL) proudly announces the opening of a state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) just outside the city limits in Rocky View County. This facility will be receiving and processing recyclables from The City of Calgary's recycling programs.

In response to The City's competitive Request for Proposal in 2021, GFL emerged as the successful candidate to build and operate the new facility to provide recycling services for The City of Calgary. The facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology, is positioned to enhance the recycling processing capacity for the Calgary region.

“Over the past 15 years, Cascades Recovery+ has been a crucial partner in Calgary's recycling efforts", says Sharon Howland, Leader, Program Management, Waste & Recycling Services. "The City extends its gratitude to Cascades Recovery+ and its dedicated staff for their contribution since 2009.”

Beginning March 1, 2024, The City will send approximately 55,000 tonnes of recyclables annually to GFL’s new facility. This includes materials collected through the Blue Cart program, Community Recycling Depots and the Commercial collection division.

“This is a remarkable achievement, not just for GFL Environmental Inc., but for our entire city. This state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility represents a significant leap forward in our recycling processing capabilities and will help divert more waste from our landfills, conserve precious resources and protect our environment for generations to come for the city and the region,” says Mayor Jyoti Gondek, The City of Calgary.

The facility employs innovative sorting processes, including a tipping floor, pre-sort area, fiber sorting and container sorting. AI robotics, optical sorters and ballistic separators will efficiently and accurately categorize recyclables, ensuring marketable commodities.

“We take immense pride in inaugurating this state-of-the-art facility", says GFL’s Brent Jespersen, General Manger for Southern Alberta. "Our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology will ensure we deliver exceptional recycling services to our esteemed customers, including The City of Calgary.”

By embracing advanced technology, GFL's facility supports The City’s dedication to creating a resilient and environmentally responsible community while improving and modernizing waste management services for Calgarians.

Key Facts:

  • Location: Rocky View County, just outside Calgary. (GFL Environmental has other facilities at this property. The City did not contribute financially to the building of the facility.)
  • Size: Over 70,000 sq feet.
  • Capacity: Processes over 27 tonnes per hour, 297 tonnes per day, 200,000 tonnes per year
  • Employment: 50 people

About GFL Environmental Inc.: GFL Environmental Inc. is a leading provider of waste management and environmental services in North America. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, GFL strives to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

GFL media contact:
Brent Jespersen, General Manager, GFL for Southern Alberta