Calgary, AB,

Pet owners reminded about responsible pet ownership

With four recent serious aggressive dog incidents, The City of Calgary would like to remind all pet owners about responsible pet ownership.

“This influx of aggressive dog incidents raises important questions about aggressive dogs and citizen safety,” says Ryan Jestin, director, Animal & Bylaw Services.

Information on the four incidents and known charges under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw are as follows:

  • Wednesday, May 13 an aggressive dog incident occurred in Dover causing bites to a girl. The owner lost control of his pitbull type dog and it lunged at the girl and bit her in the left leg and right calf. The owner and his dog have fled the scene and the investigation in on-going.
  • Monday, May 11 an aggressive dog incident occurred in Abbeydale involving two children. The offending dog was a Great Pyrenees. Five charges have been laid - dog at large, two charges of a dog chasing and threatening a person, and two charges of a dog biting a person.
  • Sunday, May 10 an aggressive dog incident occurred in Martindale causing death to a dog. The dog who was attacked was on leash. Five charges have been laid - dog causing death to another animal, dog at large, unlicensed dog, dog causing injury to a person, dog bite to another animal. This investigation is ongoing.
  • Saturday, May 9 an aggressive dog incident occurred in Skyview Ranch causing death to a yorkie/bichon. One male pitbull was seized and two charges have been laid.

“Animal & Bylaw Services takes every incident of aggressive animal behaviour very seriously. We immediately respond to all aggressive animal behaviour calls received and investigate thoroughly – taking into consideration, circumstance, resulting actions and prior history. A mandatory court appearance is required in serious cases and consequences are determined by a judge. Consequences may include mandatory obedience training, public muzzling, fines up to $10,000, or euthanasia in the most serious cases,” says Alvin Murray, manager, Animal & Bylaw Services

Animal & Bylaw Services promotes responsible pet ownership through a variety of methods including the Off Leash Ambassador program, hosting the annual Safety Expo and partnering with other City departments on programs like Park’s PUPPY Program.

“As spring and summer weather continues in Calgary we know that more people will be out enjoying our public spaces,” said Jestin. “Pet owners need to know how to properly control their animals to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all Calgarians.”

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