Calgary, AB,

Northeast Green Cart collection starting next week

It’s time for northeast residents to start filling their green carts before collection begins the week of September 4.

“This year September marks both the start of fall and the start of a new garbage routine for northeast residents,” explains Green Cart Implementation Leader Philippa Wagner. “We’re encouraging everyone to take a look at the information that is delivered with the carts and make note of their new collection days.”

Starting the week of September 4:

  • Green and blue carts will be picked up every week on the same day.
  • Black carts will be picked once every two weeks on a different day than the green and blue carts.

The City provides free collection day reminders through the Calgary Garbage Day app, or by text, email, phone or downloadable calendars. Wagner says that the tools are already proving popular. “We have had over 40,000 people sign up for our free collection day reminders, and we are getting hundreds of new users every day. We’re hearing that residents are finding the tools convenient and easy to use.”

Reminder tools can be set up by visiting

Since mid-July, residents in the southwest and northwest have kept over 5,300,000 kilograms of food and yard waste out of City landfills by using their green carts, exceeding The City’s expectations.

For more information about the Green Cart program, visit