Calgary, AB,

It’s moving day for McHugh

The historic McHugh House will be moving to its new home this weekend, making it possible for The City to restore and legally-protect the building as a municipal historic resource. The McHugh House is one of the ten oldest houses in Calgary, built in 1896 by a family that had a significant role in Calgary’s past, and it was donated to The City by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary earlier this year.

“We are thrilled that this heritage home is going to be preserved and restored for future generations,” says Darryl Cariou, Senior Heritage Planner with The City. “Historic buildings like the McHugh House help Calgarians stay connected with their past and give our communities a character that is unique and irreplaceable.”

The house was originally built for John Joseph McHugh, one of three brothers originally from Ottawa who were prominent Calgary pioneers and ranchers. The house is an early, rare, and intact example of Queen Anne Revival-style architecture in Calgary. The house will be moved to a new foundation in Humpy Hollow Park, located at the corner of 17 Avenue S.W. and Centre Street.

The move will occur between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 8. The house will be travelling down Centre St from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. followed by crews working the rest of the day to get it on its new foundation. In order to make sure that the house is moved safely, there will be some road closures and other minor disruptions in the east side of the Beltline community:

  • 18 Avenue S.W. will be closed between Centre Street and 1st Street S.W.
  • Centre Street will be closed between 18 Avenue S.W. and 15th Avenue S.W.
  • Humpy Hollow Park will be temporarily closed to the public.

Citizens can come watch the move, however all members of the public will need to remain behind any barricades set up along the route. The City’s main priority is the safety of work crews and citizens, so all signs and instructions given by City staff and contractors must be followed by anyone in the area.

“It is not often that people get to see an entire house moved down the street and it is going to be quite the thing to watch,” says Russ Golightly, Project Manager with The City. “However, the top priorities for us will be making sure nothing happens to put anyone or the house in danger, so we are asking everyone who comes down to keep their eyes and ears open for instructions about where to watch from.”

More information about the McHugh House or the move can be found by visiting or by calling 311.