Calgary, AB,

Macleod Trail SW feedermain valve upgrade project

The City of Calgary Water Services unveiled its plan for a MacLeod Trail Feedermain Valve Upgrade Project, which will see the replacement and removal of aging infrastructure at five locations along Macleod Trail SW between 50 Ave. SW and 34 Ave. SW. This infrastructure is located within the southbound lanes of Macleod Trail.

Construction will begin July 18, 2016 and continue through July 30, 2016. This work is being done as a result of Water Services regular operational maintenance program which assesses the water infrastructure and determines what upgrades needs to happen to ensure system reliability.

“We’ve developed a plan to stage construction throughout this 12 day period when summer traffic volumes are lower, Stampede is over and before Roads begin their planned paving program in the same area,” said Water Services Leader of Capital Construction, Marissa Mitton. “Our Water Services crews will be working extended hours (6:30 am – 9:30 pm) and on weekends to minimize traffic delays and keep to our tight schedule.”

During the 12 days commuters can expect traffic disruptions (lane closures and possible detours) to allow for crews to safely gain access to the underground pipes and valves. To accomplish the work, a four km segment of the feedermain from 50 Ave. SW to 17 Ave. SE. will be shut down and drained. Temporary water lines will be in place for any water service disruptions to homeowners and businesses.

The work at each site will vary from two to 12 days, depending on the scope of work required. A traffic management plan from Roads will direct traffic and ensure detour routes are clearly marked and posted well in advance. The five work sites and work schedules are as follows and will be updated on the web site ( on a regular basis.

Work Sites and Work Schedules (See map below)

SITE 1: Southbound Macleod Trail at 45 Ave. SW
Construction dates:
July 18 - 25
Construction work: multiple valve replacements and removals
Traffic closures:
  - Full closure southbound Macleod Trail and 45 Ave. SW
  - No access to and from 45 Ave. SW

Site 2: Southbound Macleod Trail at 38 Ave. SW
Construction date:
July 18 - 22
Construction work: valve removal and pipe repair/feedermain washout valve reconfiguration
Traffic closure:
  - Full closure southbound Macleod Trail at 38 Ave. SW

SITE 3A: Southbound Macleod Trail at 34 Ave. SW
Construction dates:
July 23 - 26
Construction work: valve removal and replacement
Traffic closure:
  - Full closure southbound Macleod Trail

SITE 3B: Northbound Macleod Trail at 34 Ave. SW
Construction dates:
July 26 - 28
Construction work: valve replacement
Traffic closure:
  - Single northbound lane at 34 Ave. SW

SITE 4: Southbound Macleod Trail at 42 Ave. SW
Construction dates:
July 25-29
Construction work: triple valve replacement
Traffic closures:
  - Full closure of southbound Macleod Trail at 42 Ave. SW
  - No right turn from 42 Ave to McLeod Trail SW

SITE 5: Southbound Macleod Trail at 50 Ave. SW
Construction dates:
July 26 - 30
Construction work: feedermain valve replacement
Traffic closures:
  - 2 outside lanes southbound Macleod
  - 1 westbound lane on 50 Ave.

The Macleod Trail feedermain, within the construction area, was installed in 1931. The valves in this area are between 45 and 89 years old. Valves are necessary for isolating the water line so that Water Services crews are able to shut down feedermains with minimal service disruption to customers during a water main break.

Water Services conducts non-emergency infrastructure upgrades in a planned way, says Mitton “with an eye on costs, safety and quality customer service.”

For more information, visit or call 311.