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Important changes to this year’s Christmas Tree Recycling Program

Calgary – O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, let me recycle thee! This year, the City’s Christmas Tree Recycling Program will be drop-off only. Residents are being asked to take their trees to one of the 16 tree drop off locations across the city. As a cost-saving measure, there will be no door-to-door collection service.

“Calgarians have always been really keen to help us keep trees out of our landfills,” says Sharon Howland, Leader, Program Management with Waste & Recycling Services. “If everyone helps by meeting us half way, we’ll still be able to turn the trees into mulch while also saving taxpayers quite a bit of money.”

The City has expanded its tree drop-off locations in all quadrants. There will be 16 temporary tree drop-off locations open from December 26 to January 31:

*Landfill hours are changing on January 9, 2017. Check before visiting a landfill site.

Be sure to remove all lights, ornaments, tinsel, string, garland and tree stands from your tree before recycling it. Do not wrap, bag or tie your tree. If you have a truck or large vehicle, please consider offering to help your neighbours take their trees to a drop-off location.

All of the Christmas trees collected will be chipped and turned into mulch for Calgarians to use again. The mulch from recycled Christmas trees is available to residents for free from the East Calgary Landfill, while supplies last.

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Reuse or recycle boxes, wrapping paper and other holiday packaging

Recycling your tree isn’t the only way to trim your holiday waste.

“The giving and receiving of gifts means a lot of Christmas wrapping, boxes and other materials that can be reused or recycled,” says Howland. “Save gift wrap, tags, boxes, gift bags and tissue paper to reuse for other special occasions and holidays.”

Christmas packaging that can no longer be reused can go in your blue cart or be taken to a community recycling depot. Wrapping paper and tissue paper should be crumpled into balls and put in loose not bagged. We also suggest breaking down cardboard boxes so there is more room in your blue cart.

Ribbons, bows, and gift bag string handles can’t be recycled – save them so they can be reused or throw them away in your black cart.

No-no items for recycling

Common items found on Christmas morning like foam packaging and foam packing peanuts can be placed in your black cart for regular garbage collection. This also includes foil or metallic-coated wrapping paper, broken ornaments, tinsel and artificial Christmas trees.

Reuse or donate your holiday items to give them a second life

“Many local charities accept donations of useable household goods at drop-off locations or offer a free pickup service,” says Howland. “Common items for donation include gently used clothing and shoes, toys and board games.”

Many televisions, computers and other gadgets are purchased during the holiday season so any old electronics can be recycled at locations across the city. “The electronics recycling program is also available to take your old TVs, laptops, and printers,” says Howland. There are 25 locations around the city to drop off your used and broken electronics items. Do not put electronics in your blue cart.

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