Calgary, AB,

Historic Baird/Miller residence recovery tour

In recognition of the extraordinary recovery efforts undertaken at heritage sites after the 2013 floods, the Calgary Heritage Authority will be presenting a special flood recovery award at the 2014 Lion Awards.

To highlight the type of work that is eligible for this award, media are invited to attend a unique tour of the flood recovery efforts undertaken at one of Calgary’s historic resources.

Date:        May 27, 2014

Time:       10 a.m.

Location: Baird/Miller residence, 635 29 Avenue S.W.

Who:        Scott Jolliffe, Chair, Calgary Heritage Authority

                Clint Robertson, City of Calgary Heritage Planner

                Cory Miller, Owner, Baird/Miller residence



Built in 1912, The Baird/Miller residence was officially designated as a municipal historic resource by The City in September 2013. This property, like many others, was negatively impacted by the 2013 floods but has undergone flood recovery work to ensure it will be part of Calgary’s landscape for generations to come.

The Calgary Heritage Authority Lion Awards are presented biennially to celebrate the projects and people who have contributed to preserving Calgary’s heritage. There are six Lion Award categories:  Resource Conservation, New Building Design, Landscape, Community Vitalization, Advocacy and Awareness, and Heritage Tradespeople/Craftspeople.  Nominations and applications are being accepted until June 2.

More information about the Lion Awards is available at More information about the Baird/Miller residence can be found at (search for “Baird”).