Calgary, AB,

Fourth St. S.W. Underpass: Calgarians invited to view model of proposed lighting concept

Calgary, AB – This week, Calgarians will be given a sneak peek at the proposed future redesign of the Fourth St. S.W. underpass.

A 1.5 metre wide by 5 metre tall model of the proposed lighting concept for the space has been installed on the west side of the underpass, south of the Ninth Ave. bridge.

While this section of the underpass continues to be closed to the public due to construction, the model can be viewed by passing vehicles and pedestrians walking along the east side of the underpass.

The model will be onsite for several days for testing purposes and to refine technical requirements for the piece.

“We are excited to give Calgarians a look at the new vision for this important downtown gateway,” says Greg Stewart, Project Manager with The City’s Urban Strategy team. “As part of the redesign, input was sought from community and corporate stakeholders. The result is an interactive, animated lightscape that will be activated by visitors moving throughout the space.”

The interactive light display is just one of several major improvements that will be made to the underpass when construction begins this summer.

These enhancements will improve the comfort and safety of the more than 8,000 pedestrians who use the underpass everyday through improved sidewalks, street crossings, lighting, urban design and public art.

The deteriorating condition and safety concerns of the underpass, along with its use a key connection between the Downtown and Beltline, identified it as an opportunity for improvement under the Centre City Underpass Enhancement Program.

More information on this project, including a detailed design report, is available at