Calgary, AB,

Drivers face potential fines for ignoring 9 Avenue S.E. Bridge weight restrictions

Calgarians are reminded of the five-tonne (11,000 lbs) weight restriction currently in place on the 9 Avenue S.E. bridge into Inglewood. Calgary Police will be enforcing the restrictions with fines over the coming months to encourage compliance.

“Commercial vehicle enforcement plays a key role in keeping our roadways safe,” said Const. Chris Moriarity with the Calgary Police Service Traffic Section. “We encourage all drivers to be knowledgeable of their vehicle weights as exceeding the five-tonne weight restriction can result in substantial fines.”

Many vehicles that exceed the current weight restrictions can be operated by the average Calgarian with a Class 5 driver’s license. Examples of vehicles that may exceed the weight restrictions include motorhomes (RVs), box trucks (e.g. moving vans), large loaded cube vans or vehicles pulling large trailers.

“The 9 Avenue bridge was built 110 years ago to serve turn of the century cars crossing the river, but today it handles high volumes of traffic, including commercial vehicles headed into the downtown core. We are now seeing the impact of those years of heavy traffic,” said Charmaine Buhler, Manager of Bridge Maintenance. “The City is calling on Calgarians to help us preserve the longevity and safety of this bridge until a temporary solution is put in place this summer.”

In January, The City made the decision change the weight restrictions (from allowing vehicles under 8.5 tonnes to now under five tonnes) following an inspection on the bridge that found the bottom chords were being overstressed. At that time, one lane of traffic was also closed to reduce weight on the bridge.

City of Calgary transit and fire trucks have been deemed essential services and are exempt from the restrictions.

Heavy vehicle operators should follow the recommended detours to avoid 9 Avenue S.E. Bridge and potential fines.
Trucks coming from the east (inbound to downtown) are asked to detour via two methods:

  • Vehicles inbound from 17 Avenue/Blackfoot Trail S.E. are asked to detour via 26 Avenue to Dartmouth Road, 25 Avenue, northbound Macleod Trail and into downtown.
  • Vehicles under 12 tonnes, already on Ninth Avenue S.E. detour via 8 Street to MacDonald Avenue to 12 Avenue and into downtown.

The outbound detour for vehicles under 12 tonnes requires those vehicles turn right to 4 Street S.E. to 12 Avenue and MacDonald Avenue to 8 Street.

Current Fines
Truck weight being 5001 up to 10000 Kg. = Penalty $34 / 100 Kg. + 15% surcharge.

  • 1000 Kg. over = $391.00
  • 2000 Kg. over = $782.00
  • 3000 Kg. over = $1173.00
  • 4000 Kg. over = $1564.00
  • 5000 Kg. over = $1955.00

Truck weight being 10001 up to 15000 Kg. = Penalty $47 / 100 Kg. + 15% surcharge

  • 6000 Kg. over = $3246.00
  • 7000 Kg. over = $3783.00
  • 8000 Kg. over = $4324.00
  • 9000 Kg. over = $4864.00
  • 10000 Kg. over = $5405.00

Temporary bridge expected in summer 2019
Site preparations are underway now to replace the 9 Avenue S.E. bridge and the contractor will begin work shortly on the temporary bridge. The temporary bridge is expected to open this summer, allowing traffic to continue across the Elbow river during construction on the new bridge. When the temporary bridge opens, The City will be removing the five-tonne (11,000 lbs) restriction. There will be more details available regarding the operation of the temporary bridge closer to when it opens. The temporary bridge will allow for trucks and heavier vehicles, which typically use this route.

The new bridge is scheduled to open in fall 2020.

For more information on the 9 Avenue S.E. bridge replacement, including detours for people who use the pathways and 7 Street S.E., current project status and detours, please go to