Calgary, AB,

City starts accepting online payment for new home construction permits

The City is now accepting online payment from Calgary’s high volume home builders that apply for new home building permits (Single Construction Building permits) using the Residential ePermit tool. An immediate partial permit is also being provided with online payment that allows home builders to begin construction once their payment is processed. Residential ePermit is part of The City’s eServices, which is enabling customers to apply for permits, book inspections and now pay for permits online. 

“Accepting payment online is an exciting first step for The City and its customers,” says Henry van Aken, Manager of Customer Advisory Services. “We’ve now completely eliminated the need for these home builders to travel to City Hall, find parking, and stand in line at our counter.  More importantly, we’ve succeeded in making it faster and easier to do business with The City, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” notes van Aken.

Home builders can now make payment online for Single Construction Building permits, using a major credit card.  Draw down accounts cannot be used to make online payments, but remain available for home builders to pay for revisions, and Development Permit applications. Residential ePermit will eventually enable online payment for all services, phasing out draw down accounts and the need to visit City Hall.

“What’s important to highlight is the immediate release of the partial permit when paying online,” notes van Aken. “Home builders can now begin construction right away. They no longer need to visit our counter in person to obtain the permit.  Calgary is a leader among municipalities, offering this type of service is a real advantage to a home builder’s bottom line,” adds van Aken.

The City started by adding its largest volume permit application to the web, the Single Construction Permit, and worked closely with members of the Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary Region to help develop and test the new online tool.  Since April 2013, more than 4,000 new home construction permits (Single Construction Building permits), and 10,000 paperless inspections have been booked online by home builders.

Highlights from today’s release:

  • City is accepting online payment for new home building permits (Single Construction Building permits) from home builders currently using Residential ePermit
  • Online Single Construction Building permits must be paid for online using a major credit card
  • Home builders paying online will obtain an immediate partial permit to begin home construction  The latest release provides an instant partial permit following payment, eliminating any City or construction delays
  • Since April 2013, home builders have applied for over 4,000 new home building permits (Single Construction Building permits), and scheduled more then 10,000 paperless inspections online
  • Residential ePermit interface has been improved for customers

The next steps for the Residential ePermit project include:

  • Expand a customer’s ability to apply online for new home construction permits in developed communities (Contextual dwelling and Discretionary dwelling permits)
  • Create a single place for customers to apply for permits and schedule all necessary inspections online by the end of 2015

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