Calgary, AB,

City landfill schedules to change in 2018

The City of Calgary will be making schedule changes at its three Waste Management Facilities (landfills) to improve service for customers.

Effective February 5, 2018:

  • The Spyhill and East Calgary landfills will expand to six-day-per-week schedules, opening Monday through Saturday.
  • The Shepard landfill will only be available for industrial waste customers, and will be open from Tuesdays to Fridays. All other residential and commercial vehicles will be redirected to the Spyhill and East Calgary facilities.

East Calgary will also open on Sundays during the peak season between April and October.

Jasna Hundal, Manager of Disposal and Processing, says the changes will help make the schedules easier to work with. “Last year, we needed to reduce our hours due to a revenue shortfall, which resulted in each site being open four days a week on a staggered schedule. Although we saved on operational costs, the schedule created some issues for visitors to our sites.”

After a year of observation and talks with customers, Hundal says the new 2018 schedule will help address concerns. “These changes will help reduce long travel times for customers in the northwest, provide more access on certain days to keep lineups manageable, and provide a more consistent schedule that is easier to remember and follow.”

Benefits of the revised City landfill schedule include:

  • Opening the Spyhill facility six days a week instead of four, saving northwest customers a significant amount of driving time.
  • Better access to landfills on Mondays as two locations will be available instead of one.
  • Reduced contracting and equipment costs, making it possible to have 13 operating days per week from April to October, instead of the current 12.

There will not be any staff reductions. Most staff at the Shepard facility will be relocated to one of the other sites.