Calgary, AB,

Calgary Police Commission releases 2016 CPS Employee Survey results

CALGARY – A survey of the Calgary Police Service reveals how employees feel about their workplace. The results show declines in satisfaction and perceptions about respectful culture, workload, and inclusion.

Each year, the Calgary Police Commission engages with police officers and civilian employees through an extensive online survey to understand their perceptions and concerns about their workplace. Hearing directly from employees supports the Commission’s ability to oversee improvements to the police service.

Through this survey, the Commission monitors employee satisfaction and engagement levels, and offers the opportunity for employees to anonymously articulate concerns in their own words.

Key findings from the research show that:

  • Although employees feel that service delivery to citizens is declining, 95 per cent of employees agree that Calgary is a safe place to live. Some employees feel over-worked, that CPS is understaffed, and that call response times are slower.
  • Workplace satisfaction has declined in the past year among 47 per cent of employees. This is due to concerns about poor communication about executive decisions, the vision for CPS, and the organizational changes underway.
  • Employee engagement among civilian staff is at its highest level, while engagement among sworn members is at its lowest level.
  • Ratings of supervisors remained stable, or improved, in 2016.
  • Many employees agree that CPS is a diverse workplace, though fewer agree that it is an inclusive workplace due to concerns about “favoritism” and applying practices fairly.

Quick facts:

  • Since 2008, Illumina Research Partners has been conducting an annual employee survey on behalf of the Calgary Police Commission. Results from previous surveys provide the basis for identifying how perceptions have changed over time.
  • The report uses the 9 and 10 ratings on a 10-point scale as ‘top box’ scores, which is the highest standard in performance tracking and allows for more meaningful analysis and focused actions.
  • The online survey asks multiple rating questions along with open-ended questions to better understand the reasons behind certain ratings.
  • Data was collected from 1,548 employees over a four week period between August 26, 2016 and September 21, 2016.

The full report is now available on


Media Availability: The Commission Chair and Chief Constable Roger Chaffin will be available to speak to media following today’s Commission meeting.

Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Time: Public meeting begins at 3:30pm
Location: 650 - 615 MacLeod Trail SE