Calgary, AB,

Calgary Fire Department Rope Rescue Team secures broken window in downtown high-rise




Just after 1:00 this afternoon, the Calgary Fire Department was called to the 500 block of 5 Avenue SW for reports of damaged glass in a high-rise.  Investigating fire crews found a window, on the 17 floor of the building, with a severely cracked outer pane.  Firefighters immediately secured the area below by blocking the side walk, and 2 lanes of traffic, on 5 Ave SW.  After consulting with a glazing contractor, it was determine the CFD Rope Rescue Team would secure the broken glass from the outside prior to the removal by glazers.  A window from the floor above was removed to provide firefighters access to the broken pane.  Rope rescuers stabilized the glass with tape, and then glazers safely removed it.  There were no reports of falling glass or injury.  The sidewalk and traffic lanes on 5th Ave have since been reopened.