Calgary, AB,

Calgary fire crews extinguish fire in south east high rise building

Shortly before 4:00 this afternoon, Calgary fire crews were called to 1710 Radisson Drive S.E. for activation of the fire alarm system. Upon arrival, firefighters found a fire in a laundry room on the second floor of the 12 story residential building.

Fire crews successfully did a quick knockdown of the fire and started a search for any residents that did not evacuate when the building alarm activated. Some occupants who had not evacuated, were allowed to stay in their suites on the upper floors where there were no air quality concerns and no risk to their safety.  

Fire crews then commenced ventilation and a floor by floor assessment of the air quality and carbon monoxide levels. Calgary Transit buses were brought to the scene to shelter evacuees. Once the building was deemed clear of smoke, residents were allowed back in.

No injuries were reported as a result of the fire and a fire investigator has been called to the scene to determine the origin and cause.

The Calgary Fire Department would like to remind residents of multi-story buildings to be familiar with the evacuation procedures of their building. If your building is in alarm and it is safe to do so, evacuate immediately down the stairwells and wait away from the building. This allows fire crews unimpeded access for firefighting. If you are in immediate danger and cannot get out, always call 9-1-1.