Calgary, AB,

A new four-year plan: Council Deliberations conclude for Action Plan 2015-2018

Calgary, AB, 2014 December 1 ... At 4:51 pm, on Monday, December 1, 2014, City Council approved The City of Calgary’s Action Plan for 2015 -2018.

“Today’s approval of Action Plan 2015-2018 is a significant accomplishment for this Council,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “This is a lean budget for a growing City. Over the past 6 days, Council had important debate and discussion about the issues that matter most to citizens from enhanced snow and ice control to investments in public transit to the fees for water and recycling. Unlike other orders of government, we go through every line of the budget and business plan on live TV; it is a very transparent process. I want to thank everyone – citizens, Council, and Administration – who played a role in our work to keep taxes affordable while continuing to deliver important services to Calgarians.”

Representing a $22 billion capital and operating investment in Calgary over four years, the approved Action Plan allows The City to maintain most of its services, with some enhancements and new investments, along with a continued corporate-wide movement toward achieving our City’s long-term goals. In addition to $50 million in efficiencies found by City Administration as part of the proposed Action Plan, Council made several key changes or amendments during deliberations, which include:

  • Calgary Transit Low Income Transit Pass: user rates frozen for 2015.
  • Snow and Ice Control enhancements of $5 million each in 2015 and 2016 from the Fiscal Stability Reserve.
  • City-Wide Active Modes Program within Transportation was reduced by $2 million from the capital budget.
  • Environmental & Safety Management: $1.2 million capital budget reduction over four years in Technology; and a $438 thousand capital budget reduction over four years for Environmental Programs.
  • One-time funding for River flood mitigation and to establish corporate resiliency of $800 thousand in 2015 and $750 thousand in 2016, along with an operating increase of $1.1 million.
  • Elimination of two capital projects from Information Technology: the Mobile Application Framework and Application Information Platforms reducing the capital budget by $5.5 million, and $897 thousand in associated operating costs.
  • One-time allocation of $35 million for a City-owned Heritage Building Fund from the 2014 operating surplus.
  • Approval of one-time funding of $35 million for Tree Disaster Recovery from The City’s Fiscal Stability Reserve, along with operating and capital budget reallocations of $118.
  • Several amendments to improve Business Unit performance measures, such as Calgarians’ satisfaction with drinking water (ranging from 92% to 94% over four years) and UEP employees knowing what is expected of them in providing excellent customer service (80% over four years).

Monthly impact of property tax and selected rate increases on a typical Calgary household based on a median residential assessment of $430,000:


2015 (4.5%)







Property tax (based on 2014 Assessment of $430,000)










Waste & Recycling












These increases reflect spending limits set by City Council last May, along with strategic Priorities set by Council, which guided the creation of City business plans and budgets for 2015-2018. Other rates and fees also apply to citizens, depending on what services they use, such as water and wastewater, Transit, Recreation, as well as business and building permits.

 “Today’s approval of Action Plan was the result of a year-long process that included extensive citizen engagement, setting Council Priorities, as well as a collaborative effort among City staff to build business plans and budgets,” says Action Plan manager Sarah Woodgate. “Our City’s new four-year plan is a commitment by City Council and City Administration to ensure that Calgary is a great place to make a living, and a great place to make a life.”

What’s Next? will continue to be updated with the changes approved during deliberations, and a Citizen Summary will be finalized and posted in early 2015.

The City will report to Council on Action Plan 2015 – 2018 at mid-year and year end. The multi-year business plan and budget can also be adjusted annually in November in response to changes in the external environment. In 2016, The City is committed to doing a full review of the remaining years of Action plan 2015 – 2018. This is to make sure The City stays on track to accomplish the actions and tactics laid out in the Action Plan, and to monitor emerging trends, such as population growth. As necessary, Administration will bring forward business plan and budget changes for Council's consideration.

Thanks for Taking Action, Calgary!