Calgary, AB,

Update: 2204 1st Street SW Condo Fire




This morning at 5:15, the Calgary Fire Department responded to a two alarm building fire at 2204 1st Street SW. All 66 units were evacuated and residents are not allowed to re-occupy them until all utilities and fire and life safety systems are back online, which is estimated to be several days. Four units were completely destroyed and others sustained smoke and water damage. All units will all be assessed for re-occupation. In addition to firefighters, there are members of the Safety Response Unit, Building Regulations, Safety Codes Officers and Mechanical and Electrical contractors on scene. Structural engineers have also been called in to assess the integrity of the affected parts of the building. ATCO Gas and Enmax are also on site. Residents are now being escorted by security to retrieve valuables from the lesser affected units in the building. The Calgary Fire Department Fire Investigator has completed his investigation into the origin and cause and has determined that smoking material put into a planter pot resulted in this accidental fire. 

The Calgary Fire Department would like to remind Calgarians that smoking materials should never be put in any sort of container or location that contains plant and organic material (potted plants, flower beds, mulch, grass or gardens). There is a strong possibility that this type of cigarette disposal can result in a fire. Always dispose of any smoking materials in a large, sturdy and noncombustible container (metal or glass) with a small opening, containing sand and water. Ensure these materials are completely out and preferably soaked with water before disposing in the garbage. Please help prevent these types of fires.