Calgary, AB,

The City of Calgary and ConocoPhillips launch City’s first mobile classroom for fire education

The City of Calgary and ConocoPhillips, along with Calgary school officials, celebrated the launch of the first-ever fire safety education program with a mobile classroom, thanks to a brand new trailer where children can practice how to prevent and respond to common home fire emergencies safely. 

“This new program will provide students a more hands-on opportunity to learn about home fire prevention and practice emergency response skills,” said Fire Chief Steve Dongworth. “Students will also be able to take what they have learned and share with their families, helping to share our fire safety message beyond the classroom.”

Previous to the development of the new program and trailer, the Calgary Fire Department provided fire safety education to Calgary students through school visits, as well as fire station tours, public events and more. The new Fire Safety Trailer means local children can now learn how to react to a smoke alarm and practice checking a door for heat, climbing out a window on an escape ladder and learning how to prevent a kitchen fire.

“We are delighted to be able to sponsor the Fire Safety Trailer and education program because not only are we committed to safety, but we are also committed to supporting education. I truly believe this program could actually save lives, and that is the bottom line,” said President at ConocoPhillips Ken Lueers, who noted that 50 percent of ConocoPhillips community investment is annually directed toward funding education.

So far, the Fire Safety Trailer and education program has been to more than 10 schools, reaching more than 600 students. Next year, the Calgary Fire Department hopes to have more than 2,000 students complete the program and experience the Fire Safety Trailer.

“These children here today, as well as all the Calgary students we reach in the future, will not forget the lessons they learn thanks to memorable experiences we can now provide with our program and Fire Safety Trailer,” added Chief Dongworth

ConocoPhillips has supported the Calgary Fire Department since 2008, with funding, gift-in-kind and volunteerism.

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