Calgary, AB,

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) unveil dedication at Calgary Fire Headquarters

Celebrating a longstanding partnership in safety

Today at Calgary Fire Headquarters, MADD unveiled a bench in honour of their longstanding partnership in safety with the Calgary Fire Department. With the recent legalization of cannabis, both organizations stressed the importance of not driving high.

“The bench is a symbol of the heartfelt appreciation and respect MADD Calgary holds for the Calgary Fire Department in the fight against impaired driving,” says Wayne Kauffeldt, MADD Canada regional director. “The bench is in memory of lives lost and affected by people who choose to drive impaired. We hope it will serve as a reminder to never drive when you’ve been consuming alcohol or cannabis.”

“We know that many in the MADD community have experienced loss directly, and I sincerely thank you for your continued commitment to making Calgary a safer city for everyone,” says Fire Chief Steve Dongworth. “As a fire service, we see how impaired driving affects the whole community. There is clear frustration shared by first responders when attending impaired driving scenes, because we know that these injuries or deaths are 100% preventable.”

As Statistics Canada reported in its most recent survey (2015), despite a decline in impaired driving rates over the past 30 years, impaired driving still remains one of the most frequent criminal offences and is among the leading criminal causes of death in Canada -- while drug-impaired driving is on the rise.

MADD dedicated a bench to the Calgary Police Service in 2013, and will dedicate another to Emergency Medical Services in 2019.

MADD recently launched Project Red Ribbon, its seasonal awareness campaign, in partnership with Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Police Service, EMS-AHS and other community and government agencies. From November 1, 2018, to January 7, 2019, MADD Canada Chapters and Community Leaders will distribute millions of ribbons to Canadians to wear and display as a reminder to drive responsibly.